Free Meditation Timers

It’s nice to not be distracted by the clock while practicing meditation, so a few years ago I created some MP3s to use with my iPod.  These days I tend to use the fancier timer on my cell phone, which is more convenient for me and takes up less drive space on my iPod.  Still, the meditation timers I’ve made available online remain one of my more popular resources.

Here they are.  Each MP3 starts with 30 seconds of silence (to give you a moment to get comfortable) followed by the sound of a bell ringing.  After a period of time the MP3s end with the sound of the bell again.  The files themselves are pretty large, considering that they are mostly silence.

5 Minute Meditation Timer
10 Minute Meditation Timer
15 Minute Meditation Timer
20 Minute Meditation Timer
25 Minute Meditation Timer
30 Minute Meditation Timer

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