Site Updates

This week I’m going to try making some updates to this site. Some of them will be behind the scenes and you’ll hopefully not notice any difference. That said, there are some plugins I’ve been using that are no longer being updated, so some of the content may disappear or not be accessible, depending.

While I’m at it, I will be doing some minor redesigns. Some of the pages here are in need of getting the information updated and in some cases I will probably just delete the page altogether (depending on how attached I am to the content and whether or not the traffic to those pages warrants my effort).

The “Embouchure FAQ” is pretty old and I have some ideas on how to better present the information, so that page will get a detailed update. That’s a bigger project, however, and it may take longer than a week for me to get it ready to make public. Keep an eye on this blog for further info.

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