Broken Links/Images/Video/Audio/etc.

So I’ve been blogging here since 2010. At the time I’m writing this I have 817 published posts and 18 pages of other content. Over the years, many of the web pages and videos I’ve linked to have changed or been taken down. Unfortunately, over the years of updates to the WordPress, plugins, and the way my hosting platform handles things have led to lots of broken links and missing files that I originally posted.

I’m working to track these down and fix them as I find them, but there are a lot. I’m starting with my Embouchure 101 series (thank you, Eli Z. for letting me know the links were broken!) and will then start going through other pages and then the blog posts.

If you’re looking at something here and it’s missing images or internal links are broken please let me know and I’ll get those fixed as soon as I can. The easiest way for me is if you leave a comment on the post or page in question, but you can also try to email me via my contact form.

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