Broken Links Fixed

I’ve been spending a lot of time going through my posts looking for broken links, images, videos, and audio. Most of those broken links and images happened when I made a switch from http URLs to https a while back. A lot of them also happened when WordPress made some updates that changed the way embedded videos worked, or maybe it was YouTube that changed (or both).

I started correcting with my Embouchure 101 series and then started at the very first blog post I had from January 4, 2010 and made it through part of posts done in 2011. Going through each individual link and image was tedious, but it gave me a chance to reread some of my posts from 11-12 years ago. After a certain point, though, I thought that there surely is a way to automate fixing the URLs site wide, and sure enough, there was a very easy fix.

So I *think* I’ve got all the internal links and images fixed now. External links and videos and such I didn’t bother working with, if the link to another site is broken it’s going to stay broken. There are probably some embedded audio or video links that I’ve missed, so please let me know in the comments on that page if you spot any.

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