Armed Forces Medley by the Asheville Jazz Orchestra

Earlier this month the U.S. celebrated Independence Day, but because of the current pandemic both my concerts that day were cancelled. Instead, players from the Asheville Jazz Orchestra recorded their parts to my medley arrangement of the U.S. Armed Forces theme songs.

I meant to post this on July 4, but at the time this site was in the process of being fixed after an issue on the server side. When my site was fixed I forgot about posting this until now.

I’m Back

If you’ve stopped by in the past couple of weeks you’ve noticed that everything since 2010 had disappeared. The contents of this web site were large enough that I wasn’t able to restore from a backup on my own and it turns out it was more difficult for my hosting company for some reason too. Regardless, everything has been restored and should be back to normal. If you do spot something that needs fixing please post a comment to me and I’ll try to get it fixed for you.