April 2010

  • Exploring Black Music

    Exploring Black Music is a podcast by the Center For Black Music Research at Columbia College in Chicago, IL.  The first five podcasts were written and hosted by Donald James.  Beginning with Episode 6, on Charles Mingus, my friend and former colleague Dr. Horace Maxile hosts.  Horace is the chair of the Center For Black… Continue reading

  • Orchestral Trombone Excerpts

    TromboneExceprts.org is exactly what its URL states, a list of important audition excerpts for orchestral trombone auditions. The brain child of Seth T. Vatt, it’s an excellent resource as a list of important excerpts, the sheet music of those excerpts, and sample recordings to listen to. Best, it falls within fair academic use and is… Continue reading

  • Taxes For Working Musicians

    Just in case you’re procrastinating and haven’t yet filed your taxes yet, here’s a link to an article with advice for working musicians doing their taxes.  Be warned, this is a year old, so some of the tax laws may be different for this year. Speaking of working musicians, I recommend the web site that… Continue reading

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