Exploring Black Music

Exploring Black Music is a podcast by the Center For Black Music Research at Columbia College in Chicago, IL.  The first five podcasts were written and hosted by Donald James.  Beginning with Episode 6, on Charles Mingus, my friend and former colleague Dr. Horace Maxile hosts.  Horace is the chair of the Center For Black Music Research.

While I’m a big fan of some podcasts, I tend to not listen to music podcasts that often.  I figure that if I’m in the mood for music I’ll just listen to music, not to someone talking about music.  However, lately I’ve been making an effort to explore some music podcasts and Exploring Black Music is now one of my favorites.

This podcast explores black music ranging from “classical” music through jazz, gospel, and pop styles like hip-hop and funk.  I’ve discovered a lot of new music in the few that I’ve already listened to.  You can use podcatching software like iTunes to subscribe to Exploring Black Music.

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