Behavioral Violation for Symphony Orchestras

Orchestra season has started up again.  This Sunday I’ll be performing with the Brevard Philharmonic, with violinist Rachel Barton Pine performing a piece I wasn’t familiar with before, Scottish Fantasy for Violin and Orchestra, Op. 46 by Max Bruch.  We’ll also be performing Beethoven’s Overture to Fidelio and Mendelssohn’s Symphony No. 5.

In the spirit of the season, here is something everyone who performs with orchestras can take to your next rehearsal and hand out with abandon.  I should probably not be spreading this around, as I see that I am most recently in violation of the following:

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Do regional orchestras still make artistic sense?

Terry Teachout, of the Wall Street Journal Online doesn’t seem to think so.  He asks:

What, if anything, justifies the existence of a regional symphony orchestra in the 21st century? Many people still believe that an orchestra is a self-evidently essential part of what makes a city civilized. But is this true?

He goes on to compare regional orchestras to regional museums and theater companies.  These are probably good comparisons to make, since it’s probably the same group of people who are attracted to these artistic activities.  But what point is Teachout driving at with this comparison?   Continue reading “Do regional orchestras still make artistic sense?”