Guess the Embouchure Type – Hornist Bruno Schneider

Two in a row today.  I recently came across another video of a horn player, Bruno Schnieder, with a quick close-up look of his embouchure.  Take a close look at almost 1:00 into the video.

Unfortunately, there’s not enough in the video to see his embouchure motion, but his mouthpiece placement is obviously upstream.  Schneider is almost certainly a Low Placement embouchure type.

I like finding videos of Low Placement horn players, because so many horn teachers and horn texts are adamantly against this embouchure type.  Actually, you can find lots of teachers on all the brass who think this embouchure is wrong.

It all depends on the player’s anatomy.  Most players have the anatomy suited to a downstream embouchure, but many players have the physical characteristics that make an upstream embouchure work much better.

Again, thanks to Bruce Hembd for spotting this video.  Now I’ve linked here on my blog to videos of three world-class horn players with Low Placement embouchure types, including with Dennis Brain and Phil Myers.  Can anyone spot some more?

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