Armed Forces Medley for Big Band

Back in 2006 I was commissioned to write an arrangement of all the U.S. armed forces themes into a medley for the San Luis Valley Big Band.  I always enjoy doing things like this, taking non-jazz tunes and putting them into a jazz context.  I had also done this with the Adams State College alma mater back when I taught music there (2000-2003).  ASC is located in the San Luis Valley, which is my connection with this group.

Watch the above YouTube video to hear the San Luis Valley Big Band play through my arrangement.  The SLV Big Band started up after I moved from the area, so I never was personally involved with them.  If you’ve never been to this part of southern Colorado, it’s a beautiful part of the country, but pretty rural and towns are relatively far away from each other.  I’m very impressed that the SLV Big Band has gotten 17 jazz musicians in the area to commit to getting together frequently enough to put together a big band like this.  Kudos to the SLV Big Band!

I’ve gotten a couple of inquiries from band leaders looking for an arrangement like this and wondering how they can get it.  While I’m always willing to do business personally, what I need to do is get a high quality recording done of this arrangement so I can get it published.

Glenn Sharp

I would like these charts, tonight or in the morning in time for a rehearsal I have tomorrow night. Is this possible?

John Fogg

Hi Dave. I previously bought your Armed Forces Medley. It is a huge hit with our audiences. We have a Youtube of us performing it on Christian TV. Anyway, I bought Angels today and am interested in Carol of the Bells. Can you tell me a little about it? Thanks. John

Dave Wohlhueter

I would like to hear your Armed Forces Salute for a 17-piece Jazz Big Band. Please send as soon as possible because we might want to purchase for this summer’s gigs.
Dave Wohlhueter

Dave Wohlhueter

How do I get a copy of this Armed Forces Salute Arrangement?
We have a 17-piece Ageless Jazz Band and would like to play it this summer. We’re willing to pay.
Dave Wohlhueter
202 Tudor Road, Ithaca, NY 14850

Jim Reed

I am manager of the Thundering Cats Big Band in Manhattan, KS. I would like to obtain your Armed Forces Medley Chart. We have a gig in October for which it would be perfect.

Larry Bunch


I have a Veterans Day concert with my Big Band Swing Unlimited and would like to buy your Armed Forces Medley as this has been requested by the Retirement Assoc. hosting the event. Like everyone else I need it as soon as possible to get it ready.

Eric Bassett

Our community big band just got tappped to play a Fourth of July gig preceding the fireworks in our town. I’d love to be able to add this arrangement to our set list. Is there anyway I can get a copy of the arrangement? Thanks so much!

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