The Upstream Brass Embouchure

I’ve got some projects currently underway that are keeping me from adding some new content, so today’s entry will be a repost, of sorts.  The above two-part video was the “pilot” for my embouchure research.  I had just bought the video camera and was testing it out to see how well it would perform for the purpose of my research.

As it happens, I was involved in a discussion on the Trumpet Herald Reinhardt Forum at the time and decided to kill two birds with one stone by presenting some evidence to someone who didn’t feel an upstream brass embouchure was correct for some individuals.  I think most brass teachers who discourage the Low Placement embouchure type do so because they’ve never observed an upstream brass player close enough to see how it looks and works.  It was my hope that by showing that this upstream embouchure type can work successfully on all the brass instruments more brass teachers and players would not be so quick to discourage it.

Not that my brass doubling on this video was really “successful.”  I have no illusions about my abilities to play any brass instrument other than trombone.

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