Eight Composition Points To Consider by Bill Russo

I’ve been leafing through Bill Russo’s book Jazz Composition & Orchestration for some ideas and inspiration and came across the following eight points to consider for composers wanting to have their music performed.  It’s good advice, particularly for inexperienced composers.

  1. Write in medium registers for all the instruments
  2. Give the brass instruments frequent and long rests
  3. Deal with one aspect of composition at a time
  4. Write a sketch score and then a full score
  5. Be sure that both the score and the extracted parts are legible and that they correspond to each other completely
  6. Know the orchestra you are writing for and give crucial passages to the best players
  7. Construct parts that are enjoyable to perform
  8. Be brave, if your work is unpalatable to the “hip” crowd, but be careful to learn what they have to teach you and avoid attacking theme merely to disguise your own deficiencies.
  9. If I could be so bold, I’ll add:

  10. When looking for new musical material see if you can derive it from motives already in the piece

What would you add?

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