Bolivar Blues Analysis By Pere Soto

Guitarist Pere Soto visited Asheville a few years ago.  While he was in town, I was able to arrange for him to talk to a couple of my jazz classes.  He’s an expert in Django Reinhardt’s playing and talked to my Jazz History class.  He’s also a very fine jazz and contemporary classical composer.

Currently, Pere is working on a project where he analyzes in incredible detail the compositions of various jazz tunes.  David Valdez, a frequent collaborator of Pere’s, has made one of the tune analysis available.  It’s an analysis of Thelonious Monk’s Bolivar Blues.

Pere did great work on this.  His analysis goes into some great detail about a wide range of compositional devices, including Monk’s phrasing, his choice of altered chord extensions (b7, b9, #11), points of tension and release, and more.  It’s a great teaser for the completed book.  I’ll be keeping my eye out for it.

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