Red June “Soul’s Repair”

I’m fortunate that I live in a community that attracts artists of a wide variety. For example, my next door neighbor is also a musician (always good to have a neighbor who is friendly to the sounds of practice coming through his wall). Will plays guitar, violin, piano, mandolin, and who knows what else. However, we run in completely different musical circles so I had never really heard him perform until recently. A couple of weeks ago I went to a show for one band Will performs with, Red June.  When my fiance and I arrived we learned the show had already sold out, so we hung around and listened in from outside. Afterwards, Will treated me to a free copy of their latest CD, Beauty Will Come. While there’s no brass playing on it (we can’t all be perfect), there’s some really tuneful melodies with great original song writing on it. Download a sample, Will’s tune Soul’s Repairor watch their live performance.

Lyle Sanford

That is wonderful! Thanks for posting. Love how he’s singing with his voice and not someone else’s. The fiddle player reminds me a little of the way Scarlet Rivera used to play off Dylan’s vocals. I’ve always thought that ensembles where everyone can do more than one thing are in some ways more generally musical than groups where everyone is a single specialist – and this wonderful sound the three of them get is a testament to that. I can hear a trombone doing a bass line/tenor elaboration – adding a fourth voice to the harmony.

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