Being an Effective Music Student

Happy new academic year! In honor of the fall semester starting up for me today, here is David Zerkel’s list of 10 things for being a more effective music student.

  1. Take your classes seriously.
  2. Listen to as much music as you can.
  3.  Learn and know your scales and arpeggios.
  4. Schedule your practice time as though it were a class.
  5. Go to concerts.
  6. Embrace what technology has to offer us in developing as musicians.
  7. Be curious.
  8. Play with your peers.
  9. Be serious about your pursuit of excellence.
  10.  Know that every great musician in the world still considers himself or herself a student of music.

Read up on what Zerkel says about each item on the Horngasmic blog’s repost of his list. Then go check out what James Boldin adds to this list on his Horn World blog.

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