New, Old Trombone Forum Up

A while back some of the staff members of the Trombone Forum (TTF) created the Trombone Chat forum. TTF has been languishing for quite a while due to a variety of issues and from time to time simply would go offline with little or no notice. Recently it went off line for a server move and software update, but it’s been down for longer then planned.

Regardless of what happens at TTF, I wanted to plug Trombone Chat. Having seen the work the moderators there did with TTF I know that it will be a friendly place to discuss trombone related topics and, unlike TTF, a number of staff members over there have the “keys to the forum” and can keep things running if the chief administrator gets too busy to handle general upkeep.

Registration is free and pretty quick (your account does need to be approved by a human, but they seem to be checking up on that regularly). Head on over an join in the discussion.

One thought on “New, Old Trombone Forum Up

  1. Actually, even though some like to use the excuse that the original TTF Forum and server was always going offline (and yes, it did go offline from time to time but always came back) as a reason for it’s demise, the bigger reason was the rude and over-the-top behavior of a number of the moderators. This started to push people away from the forums and they just stopped participating or stopped coming altogether. I see that one of the most cantankerous moderators with a noticeably ill disposition, BGuttman, has either started up this newer trombone forum or is a chief moderator there. I don’t see the numbers of members that TTF had returning to try the new forum if you have the same acerbic and crass people leading the effort there.

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