Guess the Embouchure Type – Rafael Rocha

Here’s a great arrangement and performance of Chega de Saudade by Rafael Rocha and the T-Bones Brazil Ensemble. Rocha plays the solo and wrote the arrangement. While you’re watching it take a close look at Rocha’s embouchure and play “guess the embouchure type.” My guess is after the page break.

You get a very good look at Rocha’s embouchure in this video. His mouthpiece placement and embouchure motion are easy to see. He’s a great example of a Low Placement embouchure type. His mouthpiece setting has much more lower lip inside, which makes his embouchure function as upstream. Rocha’s placement is lower that most players, with the rim of the mouthpiece looking pretty much on the red of his upper lip. While placements this extremely low (or extremely high) are not as common, there’s nothing wrong with this provided that this is the placement that works best for the individual player.

You can also see Rocha’s Low Placement embouchure motion very well in this video. Watch closely when he begins to improvise and he plays all over the horn and you should be able to spot him pushing the mouthpiece and lips together upwards when he descends and pulling down to ascend.

All the mechanics aside, I love Rocha’s playing and writing. I will definitely be checking out more of T-Bone Brazil Ensemble.

Did you have a different guess or have questions about this embouchure type? Post them in the comments below for me.

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