Alan Raph – Guess the Embouchure Type

Alan Raph is a bass trombonist. I first became familiar with him as one of the authors of Trombonisms. I learned how to doodle tongue from that book as an undergrad. Although I think he’s retired now, Raph is also a conductor and composer. He’s got several really interesting videos on YouTube discussing various elements of bass trombone technique.

I also found this one of him playing an unaccompanied solo. While you listen, watch his embouchure and see if you can guess his embouchure type. My guess after the break.

Raph’s embouchure appears to belong to the Very High Placement embouchure type. His mouthpiece placement has more upper lip inside, so his embouchure is one of the downstream types. His embouchure motion is clear to see on the movement, “Walk,” starting about 2:00 in the video.

I enjoy the composition as well. It’s called “Short Suite” and was composed by Raph as well. I love his sense of humor that comes out in all the movements, but especially the fanfare movements.

As I mentioned above, check out his YouTube videos. There are a couple in there that I find particularly interesting and I might come back to his videos later.

What was your guess?

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